Schoenfels Castle

Only seldom, the typical setup of a medieval fortification - with a wall and moat running all round, an outer bailey, a lower castle and a core castle - has been preserved in such an unspoilt state as at Schoenfels Castle.

Presumably founded around 1200 by colonizers, the defiant building was under the rule of bailiffs, noble families governing the Vogtland by imperial order, until 1398. Later, the Wettins enfeoffed noble lords with the Schoenfels dominion. To the outside, the fortified character was maintained to the present day; the interior was most influenced by the Von Weisenbach family. In 1480, they had a new wing attached to the castle including a heatable bower and a castle chapel with a Renaissance altar. The pipe organ and the pulpit entchant their observers with Baroque decorations.  

Discover an authentic medieval fortification and the living conditions of its former inhabitants on a tour of Schoenfels Castle. 

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Free admission to the permanent exhibition
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Arrival & map

Next City:  Zwickau  (8 km)

Arrival information:

By car

  • via A72 (Chemnitz - Hof), exit Zwickau West, further along the road towards Werdau
  • via B173 (Zwickau - Reichenbach)

By public transport 

  • bus line 181 (Reichenbach-Zwickau), stop Schoenfels
  • by rail: regional train (Regionalbahn) Zwickau, Leipzig or Vogtlandbahn Zwickau - Plauen
    stop Lichtentanne, further along the trail »Russbuttensteig«
  • by rail: Vogtlandbahn Zwickau, Kraslice, stop Stenn, followed by a 50-minute walk on a signposted trail  


Schoenfels Castle

Museum Burg Schönfels

Burgstraße 34 | 08115 Lichtentanne

+49 (0) 37600 2327

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Scheonfels Castle

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10:00 bis 17:00
10:00 bis 17:00
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