Royal Grounds Bad Elster
Touched by the Muse

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe discovered Bad Elster in 1795 as the muses for his epic poem »Hermann and Dorothea«. Due to its healing springs, the town in the Vogtland was named a Royal Saxon State Spa town in the 19th century and it soon became a glamorous destination for Europe’s high society. Visitors have always been attracted by the town’s parks and magnificent buildings. With colorful flower beds, water features, themed gardens, sculptures and the Louisa Lake, the English landscape gardens are comforting retreats for the soul. The area around the saltwater spa and the Albert Bad is a »festival mile of short distances«, a true cultural hotspot with attractions such as the Royal Spa House, the KunstWandelhalle, the King Albert Theater, music pavilions and the NaturTheater Bad Elster. This is where the Chursaechsische Philharmonie Bad Elster and other ensembles hold their performances.

Events & exhibitions

19.08.2022 to 21.08.2022  |  Events , Concerts and theater
International Jazz Days in Bad Elster

01.05.2022 to 03.10.2022  |  Events , Concerts and theater , Festivals and markets , Guided tours and activities
Electoral-Saxon Summer – A Culture Festival in the European Spa Region

25.11.2022 to 26.02.2023  |  Events , Concerts and theater , Lectures and readings , Festivals and markets , Guided tours and activities , Wining and dining , Families and children
Electoral-Saxon Winter Dreams – A Culture Festival for the Music and Winter Sports Region in the Upper Vogtland

Events & exhibitions

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Royal Grounds Bad Elster

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