Voigtsberg Castle

Let yourself be whisked away to times long ago: First in possession of the bailiffs of Strassberg and Plauen, the castle was used as an electoral office by the Wettins later on. The defiant building complex of the »older part« is set apart from the newer buildings of the outer bailey, respectively. Still today, visitors are impressed by the Gothic St. George’s Chapel with its sacral pieces of art, by the Schoesserstube parlor with its splendid Baroque ceiling as well as by the Knights’ and the Princes’ Halls. The exhibition is rounded off by an invaluable painting by Tizian. 

Tied to the 130-year history of local machine and industrial carpet weaving, the Oeslnitz Carpet Museum at Voigtsberg Castle is dedicated to this frequently »trampled-on« textile. The exhibition provides information about the various manufacturing techniques and the variety of designs. At last, the »Oelsnitz Minerals Vault« is presented in the historical vaults. From barite from Zobes to wavellite from Schloditz - the gorgeous collection comprises 400 minerals typically occuring in the Saxon Vogtland and further treasures of the earth. 

A fascinating castle, impressive carpets and magnificent minerals - at Voigtsberg Castle, there is something to suit all tastes.


Voigtsberg Castle

Schloßstraße 32 | 08606 Oelsnitz/Vogtland

+49 (0) 37421-729484

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Voigtsberg Castle

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