Interactive adventures in Schloesserland Sachsen

Experience Moritzburg Castle and Meissen Albrechtsburg Castle like never before and embark on an interactive, entertaining and exciting discovery tour with the HistoPad! Thanks to augmented reality, 3D animations and atmospheric sound, take an immersive dive into the history of both castles and travel through the centuries. Go on an exciting treasure hunt, take historical selfies, navigate through halls and rooms with the help of the interactive map and experience many exciting stories from times long past.


With the HistoPad through Meissen Albrechtsburg Castle

Travel through time in Germany's oldest castle

Explore the unique architecture of Meissen Albrechtsburg Castle and the numerous murals in Germany's oldest castle on an interactive discovery tour.

Discover how the world-famous Meissen Porcelain Manufactory was organized within the castle in the 19th century. Find out how the ladies dressed at the court of Sidonie of Saxony. Find out which dishes were served using which crockery during banquets or where masterpieces of art were hidden in the castle during World War II.

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Explore Moritzburg Castle with the HistoPad 

Travel back in time with Augustus the Strong

At Moritzburg Castle, the fairy-tale castle from "Three Wishes for Cinderella," you'll meet Augustus the Strong, who celebrated a grand feast in Moritzburg in 1728 following his recovery and to mark the birthday of his favorite daughter out of wedlock, Anna Carolina Orzelska. Be there when the guests ride into the castle in their carriages, play evening games and have yourself a whale of a time.

Find out more about what the king's private chambers looked like, what dresses the ladies wore at court or how a banquet was held. 

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