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The palaces, castles and gardens of Saxony are impressive markers of bygone eras and important aspects of Saxon identity. It’s important to bring our unique cultural assets to life for future generations and promote them beyond our borders. As a non-profit organization, we face this challenge with a great deal of responsibility, commitment and passion.

Bold innovations are important to communicate historical facts in an engaging way. We already offer 3D glasses and other multimedia features at Rochlitz Castle and Meissen Albrechtsburg Castle. We believe modern presentation and communication methods are the key to offer younger generations a new view of Saxony’s historical heritage.

As the managing director of the largest cultural institution in the Free State of Saxony, my main responsibility is to preserve, manage and present 19 castles, palaces and gardens. We have a total annual budget of 20 million euros. Almost half of this expenditure is covered by revenue generated by the State Palaces, Castles and Gardens of Saxony, non-profit (SBG gGmbH). The rest is provided by the Free State of Dresden.  

This is the financial framework required to preserve the treasures of Saxony’s castles, palaces and gardens, and to constantly present them in a new light.

Dr. Christian Striefler

Areas of Responsibility

Our organization aims to promote culture, art and the preservation of monuments, and raises funds to achieve these goals. Our objectives are exclusively charitable. 

We specifically pursue our objectives by maintaining, preserving, managing and presenting the castles, parks and museums provided by the Free State of Saxony.

Our areas of responsibility include:

  • Construction work in cooperation with the Free State of Saxony, including the creation and implementation of usage concepts
  • Granting of heritable building rights on behalf of the Free State of Saxony on the basis of appropriate authorizations
  • Release of statements concerning planning law (particularly for hearings / public authorities)
  • Operation of museums, including the expansion of collections based on each museum concept
  • Scientific processing (including cataloging) to present the history of our properties, including museum items

Mission Statement

We’re the largest cultural organization in the Free State of Saxony and present its most important monuments under one roof. We’re given cultural monuments to preserve, maintain, manage and make available to the public. We carry out our duties on behalf of the Free State of Saxony, taking into account monument preservation, museums and tourism. We’re also the heart of the “Schloesserland Sachsen” brand and get people interested in items of cultural interest like castles, palaces and gardens.

Our aim is to increase our visibility on both a regional and national level. The satisfaction of our guests is an important part of our success. We contribute to scientific discussions and promote research into our castles and gardens. Our high-quality services are tailored to our customers. We find it particularly important to let our guests experience history in modern, family-friendly exhibitions. Our identification with our buildings and gardens allows us to perform our duties in a credible and responsible manner. We respect the work of others and treat one another with respect. We see the shaping of the future as a constant process and a challenge that we’re happy to face. Our actions are based on the efficient use of funds by our owners, guests and third parties. Any surpluses we generate are invested in our monuments.


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State Palaces, Castles and Gardens of Saxony, non-profit

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