Lauenstein Castle
The Master Builder's Early Inspiration

Lauenstein Castle presides majestically over the Mueglitz Valley, which was once crowned »Saxony‘s most beautiful valley«  by King John of Saxony. A spacious residential castle was built here in the 16th century on the site of a medieval fortress. Visitors can still marvel at the elaborate murals in the Bird Hall, the vaulted stucco ceiling in the Hall of Emblems and the portrait sculptures in the Castle Chapel. The impressive architecture must have left its mark on the most famous resident of Lauenstein Castle, George Baehr, the architectural genius who built the Frauenkirche Dresden. As part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Ore Mountains Mining Region, it now houses the Eastern Ore Mountains Museum with exhibitions on the architectural history of the castle and fortress, the life and career of George Baehr, as well as the region’s mining industry and minerals.

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Lauenstein Castle

Osterzgebirgsmuseum Schloss Lauenstein

Stadtteil Lauenstein | 01778 Altenberg

+49 (0) 35054 25402

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Lauenstein Castle

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