Delitzsch Baroque Castle
The Most Beautiful Ladies’ Palace in Saxony

The pastel-colored Delitzsch Baroque Castle, nestled amongst various lakes, looks like an illustration taken straight out of a fairy tale book. A medieval moated castle was built at the behest of Wilhelm I, Margrave of Meissen in the 14th century, and its tower has been preserved to this day. From 1540, the castle grounds were transformed into a Renaissance castle that soon became a residence for travelling Saxon rulers. When the castle started to be used as a residence for widowed duchesses in the 17th century, it was converted into a Baroque castle with a magnificent interior. The glorious living quarters can still be explored by museum guests today as they travel back to former centuries. Another dreamy feature is the French-style Baroque Garden. However, pomp and splendor aren’t the only things lurking behind the castle walls… A woman’s prison was located here from 1860 to 1926.

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Delitzsch Castle

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Delitzsch Baroque Castle

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