A Reformist Spirit Beneath the Spiral Staircase

Hartenfels Castle
A Spirit of Reform beneath the Spiral Staircase

Hartenfels Castle is a true masterpiece of the early Renaissance, nestled beautifully in Torgau, one of the prettiest towns of the German Renaissance and the political center of the Reformation. One of the most modern palace complexes in Europe was erected on the foundations of a castle in the 16th century, which is when the Large Spiral Staircase was built and the Castle Chapel was consecrated by Martin Luther himself. This is considered to be the world’s first ever Protestant church. In the late 18th and 19th centuries, the castle became part of the Saxon-Napoleonic fortifications and later served as a barracks for the Prussian Army. The multimedia exhibition at Hartenfels Castle offers precious insights into everyday courtly life in Torgau. You can round off your day with the glorious view from the Hausmann Tower and a nice visit to the castle café.


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Hartenfels Castle

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