Wildeck Castle
Cold Ore and Red-hot Motorbikes

Wildeck Castle was built upon the foundations of a 12th-century fortification and continues to tower above the Zschopau River to this day. Duke Maurice of Saxony had the castle in the Ore Mountains converted into a hunting lodge in the mid-16th century. As a result, the only remains of the once defiant military complex is »Fat Henry«, a 30-meter tower with thick walls. The prominent Renaissance castle houses several museums on industrial history, especially on Saxony’s automotive industry, as Zschopau used to be home to the world’s largest motorcycle factory. The castle museums are a real hit with motorbike junkies, featuring high-class DKW models from the »Rasmussen Collection«, MZ motorcycles, and a wide range of off-road and racing bikes.


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Free admission to the permanent exhibition
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Arrival & map

Next City:  Chemnitz  (20 km)

Arrival information:

Arrival information:

Arrival by car:
Coming from Chemnitz or Marienberg via the B174, take the Zschopau Nord exit in the direction of the city centre. Wildeck Castle is located in the immediate vicinity of the Old and New Market in Zschopau. Coming from Augustusburg, take the S228 (Waldkirchener Straße) and follow the signs to the city centre.

Arrival by bus and train:

How to find us with DB
Arrival with the Erzgebirgsbahn (RB 80): You can get off at the station "Zschopau". Wildeck Castle is already visible from Zschopau station. You can reach the castle and the historic old town via the Zschopau Bridge and the stairs to the castle garden.

Information on parking facilities:
If you arrive by car, camper or motorbike, you can use the car park located directly in front of Wildeck Castle (minimum parking time 1 hour, 1 hour: 0.50 €, 2 hours: 1.00 €, 3 hours: 1.50 €)

Motorcycle parking is available in the parking lot at the castle. Larger groups of motorcyclists, for whom there is not enough parking space, are welcome to park free of charge in the courtyard.

If you arrive by coach, you can use the verge on "Lange Straße", located in front of the Sparkasse, to get off. It is a two-minute walk to the castle. Parking for the coach is available at the local bus station. (inquiry with date beforehand is needed)

The Old Market of Zschopau offers further parking spaces (first 30 minutes free, 1 hour: 0.50 €, 2 hours: 1.00 €).


Wildeck Castle

Schloss Wildeck 1 | 09405 Zschopau

+49 (0) 3725 287-170

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Castle and exhibition

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