Oybin Castle and Monastery
Insider Tip of the Romantics

A visit to Zittau and its surrounding country is always rounded off nicely with a trip to the fascinating ruins of Oybin Castle and Monastery, which sit atop the most famous massif in the Zittau Mountains of Upper Lusatia. The former fortifications were expanded into a fortified structure in the early 14th century, and Emperor Charles IV later built an imperial house and a monastery for the Order of the Celestines. The 16th-century Reformation brought an end to monastery life – and Oybin was reconquered by nature. A unique ensemble of architecture and nature can be admired along the »Via Sacra«, a pilgrim trail with precious works of art in the place where Germany, Poland and Czech Republic meet. Oybin even attracted Romantic painters such as Caspar David Friedrich and Carl Gustav Carus, who made the picturesque ruins famous around the world.

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Oybin Castle and Monastery

Hauptstraße 15 | 02797 Kurort Oybin

035844 7330

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Burg & Kloster Oybin

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09:00 bis 18:00
09:00 bis 18:00
09:00 bis 18:00
09:00 bis 18:00
09:00 bis 18:00
09:00 bis 18:00
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