Prince-Pueckler-Park Bad Muskau

Romanticism declared nature to be primarily »natural«. As a Romantic landscape park, Prince Pueckler Park Bad Muskau portrays the maximum contrast to the Baroque geometry of courtly landscape gardening. 

During the time of Prince Hermann von Pueckler-Muskau, ornamental gardening developed to scenic landscape gardening. He, who once became especially known als a travel writer, combined plants and landscape to form a synthesis of gardening arts astoundingly rich in perspective. His style even made it as far as the USA. 

Today, the spacious UNESCO world heritage site is a symbol of European integration, since two thirds of the park area are on Polish soil whereas one third in Germany. The New Palace in the heart of the park, which burned down completely in World War II, has been almost fully restored. It now houses the exhibition »Pueckler! Pueckler? Simply Unbelievable!«. From the 35-meter-high castle tower you may enjoy a fantastic panoramic view of Prince Pueckler Park Bad Muskau. 

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Prince Pueckler Park Bad Muskau

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Fürst-Pückler-Park Bad Muskau

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