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Gourmet tour of Saxon delicacies

Enjoy a culinary tour of Schloesserland Sachsen with all your senses! Food and drink have always brought people together to socialize and have fun. There’s often a delightful interplay of traditions and new influences. Take a tasting tour of the many palaces, castles and gardens of Saxony. With a wide selection of fine wines, Saxon specialties and ice cream delights, you’ll definitely get your money’s worth on our gourmet tour!

Prince Pueckler Park Bad Muskau (A)

Embark on a culinary trail of Prince Pueckler in this 830-hectare park! The master gardener was a true gourmet connoisseur. Despite his financial difficulties, he imported exquisite delicacies from around the world. It’s no wonder that one of the most famous types of ice cream, Neapolitan ice cream, is named after him in German (“Fuerst-Pueckler-Eis”). Enjoy the famous ice cream at the cultural hotel in Prince Pueckler Park, or treat yourself to a piece of triple-layered Pueckler cake at the castle café. You can also marvel at the impressive pineapple-growing tradition in Prince Pueckler Park. If you’re lucky, you can even enjoy some sliced pineapple in the entrance area!

Top tip: Our route »Schloesserland has Orange Fever« lets you explore the world of bitter oranges and orangery culture in our royal gardens.

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Go to Station B – Rammenau Baroque Castle, approx. 81 km

Rammenau Baroque Castle (B)

Saxony’s most beautiful rural baroque grounds can be found in the west of Upper Lusatia. The summer residence combines baroque architecture with classical decorations. The facilities have been fully restored and take visitors on a journey back to 1800. Stroll through the English-style landscaped park, enjoy fine food in the historic dining rooms and the castle terrace, or tuck into some rustic meals in the staff kitchen. The master chef and chamber maids will serve you something extraordinary! Delicious dishes like Lusatian carp, Bautzen mustard sauce and herb roasts are made with 100% fresh and mainly local ingredients. The baroque joie de vivre is perfectly encapsulated by the 16-course menu.

Would you like to spend an unforgettable evening with your loved ones? Rammenau Baroque Castle is the perfect setting for every event!

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Go to Station C – Stolpen Castle, approx. 22 km

Stolpen Castle (C) 

Stolpen Castle has towered out of the ancient basalt rock between the Bohemian and Saxon Switzerland National Park and the cultural city of Dresden for 800 years. It gained notoriety through its most prominent resident: Anna Constantia, Countess Cosel, the most famous mistress of Saxon Elector Augustus the Strong. After taking an extended tour of the grounds, you can relax in the castle courtyard and enjoy the delicious food at Zehrgarten Café with a magnificent panoramic view of the fortress. Another special experience awaits at the castle gates: You can create your very own ice cream at EiZ Manufaktur Stolpen. Classic, fancy, vegan, lactose-free or gluten-free… There really is something for everyone. 

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Go to Station D – Dresden Pillnitz Palace Hotel, approx 22 km

Create your very own ice cream!

Dresden Pillnitz Palace Hotel (D)

The 4-star Dresden Pillnitz Palace Hotel is located right next to the Pillnitz Palace and Park. It was built at the site of the former summer residence of King Frederick Augustus I of Saxony. Its central location makes it the perfect starting point for hikes in the Elbe Sandstone Mountains, steamboat rides along the River Elbe or shopping tours in the Saxon state capital. Give your taste buds a special treat at the castle restaurant, where typical Saxon specialties are completely reinvented. Enjoy a romantic dinner at the Kaminrestaurant with beautiful piano melodies and an enchanting baroque atmosphere. The beer garden is the perfect place to enjoy a nice cool drink and find a secluded spot beneath the great lime trees on hot summer days.

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Go to Station E – Weesenstein Castle, approx. 16 km

Weesenstein Castle (E)

The ancient and awe-inspiring Weesenstein Castle has towered over the Mueglitz Valley since 1318. Its inhabitants in the 15th and 16th centuries were some of the most influential and wealthy aristocratic houses in Saxony. The castle has an impressively unusual design – it looks like it was built from top to bottom. You can still visit the historic well in the beer garden that was previously used to transport brewing water. Beer was brewed at Weesenstein Castle from 1510 to 1863. The light and palatable »Weysensteiner« beer was even supplied to the Dresden Court. Visitors to the castle brewery have been rediscovering the joys of the amber nectar for many years. You can enjoy food and drink while listening to the master brewer’s stories and legends in a relaxed and personal atmosphere. Enjoy a homely beer at Weesenstein Castle with interesting facts, music and song! 

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Go to Station F – Wackerbarth Castle, approx. 42 km

Wackerbarth Castle (F)

Small is beautiful! The smallest wine-growing region in Germany is just waiting to treat your taste buds with its fine and sparkling wines and Saxon-Mediterranean cuisine. Augustus the Strong used to throw extravagant parties at Wackerbarth Castle – but the king was known just as much for his artistry as he was for his love of wine. If you visit the vineyards in Radebeul, you’ll be able to taste the exquisite wine produced at the modern production facilities at Wackerbarth Castle. You can watch the traditional production of wine and sparkling wine first hand as part of Europe’s first ever winery experience. You might just find out the secret shaking technique that has been used to produce sparkling wine at Wackerbarth Castle for 180 years. The guest house complements its wine with fine food – and you can even take the fine wine home with you!

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Go to Station G – Proschwitz Castle, approx. 17 km

Fast facts: wine growing in the Saxon Elbeland

  • Saxon is home to the easternmost wine-growing region in Germany and, spanning only 447 hectares, it’s also one of the smallest.
  • The sun shines for an average of 1,570 hours a year in the Elbe Valley around Radebeul and Meissen.
  • In 2015, it was one of the hottest regions in the country.

Rochlitz Castle (H) 

Fat, one-eyed and revolutionary… Rochlitz Castle is steeped in over 1,000 years of history. Numerous generations of castle lords have left their mark on Rochlitz. You can find old wall scribblings carved by cheeky little princes in the plaster. It’s well worth visiting the well preserved black kitchen, which takes up an impressive 100 square meters. The stove and chimney are still functional today. You can try to make your own medieval food at special cookery courses with expert guides. You can find an especially secret tip right outside the castle gates along the imposing eastern facade: The Bluemchen Café offers visitors an unrivaled view of the River Mulde with a nice cup of tea or coffee and a cozy atmosphere. Everything is homemade here with savory snacks, popular »ragout fin«, sweet-smelling baked goods and lemonade! 

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Go to Station I – Rochsburg Castle, approx. 19 km

Rochsburg Castle (I)

Rochsburg Castle attracts lots of visitors with its idyllic hiking and biking trails in the surrounding area. If you have a sweet tooth, you’ll definitely get your money’s worth here: You can visit the »Choco Del Sol« chocolate factory on weekends and public holidays to see the whole production process – from the cocoa bean to the finished chocolate bar. The chocolatiers use only the finest organic ingredients produced by fair trade farmers – their cocoa beans are sourced directly from farmers in Belize. You can also create your very own personal chocolate at special courses run by the factory. And you can enjoy a special highlight every year in August, as the world’s finest chocolate makers meet at the »EuroBean Chocolate Festival« at Rochsburg Castle. Come and try some of the best sweet treats!

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