The Beauties of Upper Lusatia
On tour through the east of Saxony

Upper Lusatia – a land that became rich by the trade along the Via Regia and intriguing by its natural beauty. Near the town of Bautzen, the Spree River gains power to eventually join the Havel River in 400-km-distant Berlin. Closed-down open-cast lignite pits are growing into the nature reserve of the Lusatian Lake District. The characteristic and lovingly restored half-timbered ‘Umgebinde’ houses, whose history is closely related to the local weaving industry, are evenly fascinating. Especially around Easter, many of the customs in Upper Lusatia are revived. Easter eggs, finely painted with filigree ornaments following old Sorbian tradition and the festively adorned Easter riders delight visitors with hymns sung from horseback.

Rammenau Castle (A)

Saxony’s most beautiful estate of country Baroque is situated in the very west of the Upper Lusatian region. Many conversions in the 18th century gave the earlier manor its pleasant appearance. The late-Baroque und early-Classicist rooms have comprehensively been restored, taking the visitor back in time to around 1800.

The extraordinary is presented by the chef de cuisine and the chambermaids: multi-course meals are served in the historical dining room, which surprisingly and deliciously combine original Lusatian genuineness with Mediterranean freshness.

On the last weekend in August, the castle and park are the venue of holding the International Upper Lusatian Linen Days.

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Further to Station B - Hotel Gaussig House, 16 km

Hotel Gaussig House (B)

Gaussig House, the largest palace of Upper Lusatia, is a resort for anybody seeking relaxation and for travelers in time. The atmosphere at the palace takes guests back in time and allows them to experience, how the aristocracy used to reside there. Friendly and individual service soon makes the newly arrived guest feel at home and be welcome as a friend of the house.

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Further to Station C - Prince-Pueckler-Park-Bad Muskau, 73,4 km

Count Pueckler Park, Bad Muskau (C)

At the end of the tour, take to a comfortable coach ride or discover the park by bike, which has borne the title »German-Polish Site of UNESCO World Heritage« since 2004. Prince Pueckler-Muskau had been inspired by English landscapists in creating an almost infinite landscape on 830 hectares, which harmoniously combines with the New Palace at its heart.

Oak, lime, beech and poplar, extensive meadows, ingeniously laid out paths and flower gardens around the palace form an impressive piece of landscaping art. At the palace museum, there is the opportunity to learn more about the multi-facetted prince in the spectacular exhibition »Pueckler! Pueckler? Simply unbelievable!«.

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