It's Fairytale Time. Action!
Discovery tour of the fairytale world.

»Once upon a time …« is the beginning of almost all tales about fantastic fairies, witches or talking animals.

Schloesserland Sachsen, too, has preserved to itself a fairytale trait. Look forward to a fabulous trip!

Grossedlitz Baroque Garden (A)
»The Peasant's Wise Daughter«

»Come to me, neither clothed nor naked, neither riding nor walking, neither in the road nor off the road, neither by day nor by night, come with a present or with none.« How »The Peasant’s Wise Daughter« solves the riddle and wins the stubborn king’s heart at the same time can be seen in the movie of the same title and which was shot for a large part at the Grosssedlitz Baroque Garden and also shown on ARD. Especially during the summer months, when exotic plants and orange trees overflow the park with scent and color, visitors can feel as in a fairy tale.

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Further to Station B – Moritzburg Castle, ca. 45 km

Moritzburg Castle (B)
»Three Hazelnuts for Cinderella«

»Cheeks blackened with soot, but it’s not the chimney sweep. A fine little cap adorned with feathers, crossbow across the shoulder, but it’s not the huntsman. And thirdly: dressed in a silver-woven gown with train and off she goes to the ball, but it’s not a princess.« Solve the riddle and discover all the details in the cult film »Three Hazelnuts for Cinderella« at Moritzburg Castle – the original location where the feature film was shot.

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Further to Station C - Kriebstein Castle, ca. 67 km

Kriebstein Castle (C)
»Snow White«

»How I wish that I had a daughter that had skin white as snow, lips red as blood, and hair black as ebony!« You, too, surely know the tale of »Snow White«, who was driven from the castle by her nasty stepmother. Kriebstein Castle, Saxony’s most beautiful knight’s castle served as a picturesque backdrop for the 2009 movie produced by German television, ARD. Discover a unique fairytale castle with all its stories!

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Further to Station D - Rochlitz Castle, ca. 18 km

Rochlitz Castle (D)
»Snow White«

»Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?« You surely all know the famous words of Snow White’s step other and perhaps also the ARD fairytale movie shot in 2009, for which Rochlitz Castle, apart from Kriebstein Castle, served as a backdrop. Moreover, you can discover a medieval chapel, a black kitchen and an interactive exhibition on the »forgotten Wettins« there.

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Further to Station E - Hartenfels Castle, 74 km

Hartenfels Castle (E)
»Sleeping Beauty«

»But hardly had she touched the spindle, the curse fulfilled, and it pricked her finger.«

At Hartenfels Castle, you will discover the tale of the Sleeping Beauty and the DEFA movie of the same title, which had been set here at the castle. Another special highlight is the “impossible staircase” once built by master builder Konrad Krebs.

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