Bunches of keys are a thing of the past…
The janitors at SBG gGmbH go above and beyond their duties with their craftsmanship and enjoyment of the unusual.

Before the first employees arrive at Mildenstein Castle, janitor Michael Reul has already unlocked around 50 doors and gates. The replacement of keys with electronic locking systems is no problem for the trained electrician. The 1,000-year-old castle also has its fair share of age-rated requirements and problems. Where are the electrical cables and sockets? How can a new bulb be fitted in the five-meter-high ceiling? Will the new museum display cases fit through the low medieval doorways and spiral staircases? 

Job Profile – Janitor: Creativity meets pragmatism
Michael Reul sometimes has to make new things, such as a large wooden shed to house the huge ladder used in the granary and new trolleys. He also helps to build sets at the castle theater, supplies tables and chairs at events, and removes snow from the large courtyard. 

Good job prospects
Michael Reul considers it a privilege to work at this historically significant location – not least because he works close to his family home. When the cash register systems were shut down by a lightning strike last year, he was on site within ten minutes to check the electrical equipment. And he doesn’t even mind climbing more than 100 steps a day to get to the keep. After all, the viewing platform looking out beyond the Mulde Valley has always been his favorite part of the castle. 

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