Right of Rescission

Right of Rescission

(1) If you are a consumer (i.e., a natural person placing an order for a purpose that is not part of your commercial or professional freelance occupation), you are entitled to exercise the right of rescission within the scope of legally applicable regulations.

(2) Should you make use of your right of rescission acc. to Clause 1, the regular cost of return postage shall be borne by you.

(3) Generally, those regulations shall apply to the right of rescission as they are set out in detail in the following

Instruction on the Right of Rescission 

Right of Rescission

You are entitled to rescind this contract within two weeks without stating any reasons.

The term of rescission is two weeks from the day on which you or a third party in your behalf, who does not act as a forwarder, has taken possession of the goods – in the event of a contract on several items, from the day on which you or a third party in your behalf, who does not act as a forwarder, has taken possession of the last item of the goods.

For the purpose of exercising your right of rescission, you need to notify us, 

Staatliche Schlösser, Burgen und Gärten Sachsen gemeinnützige GmbHStauffenbergallee 2a01099 DresdenTelefon +49 351 56391-1001Telefax +49 351 56391-1009shop@schloesserland-sachsen.de

by way of a unanimous declaration (e.g., by posting a letter, by fax or e-mail) of your decision of rescinding that contract. For that purpose, you may want to use the attached master form for rescission, which, hoverer, is not prescribed. You may also download that master form for rescission from our website at fill it in, and re-submit it there, or make any other clear declaration for that purpose. If you make use of such option, we will immediately send to you (e.g., by e-mail) confirmation of receipt of such rescission.

For observing the term of rescission, it is sufficient that the information on exercising the right of rescission is sent prior to the expiry of the term of rescission.

Consequences of Rescission

If you rescind a contract, we shall repay to you – immediately and within two weeks at the latest from the day on which we have received your rescission of that contract – all payments received from you, including costs for postage (except additional costs resulting from the fact should you have chosen a way of postage other than the most reasonable one suggested by us). For making such payment, we will use the same mode of payment as was used by you in the original transaction, unless expressly otherwise agreed with you; in no case shall any respective re-transaction fees be charged to you. We may hold back return payment as long as we have not received the goods back or until evidence is provided by you that you have returned the goods to us, whatever may apply sooner.

You shall return or hand back to us immediately and, in any case within two weeks at the latest, from the day when you notified us of your rescission of that contract. The term is deemed observed if you post the goods prior to the expiry of the term of two weeks.The immediate cost of re-sending the goods shall be borne by you.You shall be held liable for any deterioration in the value of the goods if such deterioration can be traced back to your inappropriate handling of the goods regarding their nature, features or functional mode.End of the Instruction on the Right of Rescission