Monk's Cowl & Knights' Feast
Following the traces of Saxon monks and knights

The long-gone world of knights and monks is revived on this route. Discover how to write like medieval monks did, feast in the jovial company of knights or be enchanted by castles steeped in history.

Gnandstein Castle (A)

This castle is the best-preserved Romanesque fortification in Saxony, and one of the knight’s castles which has preserved the spirit of ancient times: Gnandstein Castle. Resting high above the Wyhra River, with its keep, outer ward, battlements and shield wall, it is a dream come true for all enthusiasts of the Middle Ages. Especially on occasion of medieval festivals and numerous other events, the medieval way of living and customs back then can be experienced at the castle again.

Details about Gnandstein Castle

Further to station (B) – Rochlitz Castle: about 22 km

Rochlitz Castle (B)

Gothic windows, filigree cross vaults, battlements, dungeons – and in the large court kitchen at the latest or in the torture chamber, the storms of history in the course of the German settlement of the east during the High Middle Ages come alive. Learn about the medieval way of cooking in the functional black kitchen and, together with the chambermaids, discover quaint herbs in new ways.

Details about Rochlitz Castle

Further to station (C) – Kriebstein Castle: about 22 km

Kriebstein Castle (C)

Let yourself be taken back to the 15th century: the presence of the knights and lords of the castle can still be felt today in the courtyard. Original murals, dedicated to the Virgin Mary, have preserved in the castle chapel. If you take your time for a guided tour, you can also see the Kriebstein Room, which was painted all over in the 15th century to adorn it with ornaments and figures. In the residential tower, from the cellar to the attic, several styles and room designs can be seen.

Details about Kriebstein Castle