High on Horse into the Kingdom
Riding the bike through Schloesserland

You would like to conquer Schloesserland by bike? In the Zschopau River valley of the ore Mountains, castles and palaces line up like pearls on a string – ideal for a culturally ambitious cycle tour. You can discover many interesting spots along the riverscape by bike. Saddle your bike and up you go into Schloesserland!

You can find the detailed description of the tour at: www.fahrradreisen.de

Schlettau Castle (A)

Situated on the Zschopau River, 900-year-old Schlettau Castle is a welcome place for taking a rest on long cycle tours. There is something of interest for everyone: a coloring book for the very little ones, cool refreshments at the café for the thirsty or a center of the flora and fauna history for the lovers of nature. Those who would like to take a break may want to relax in the enchanting castle park. But the herbal liqueur cellar, an impressing knights’ hall and the chamber of Ore Mountains landscape art can also be discovered afterwards.

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Further to Station B – Scharfenstein Castle: approx. 27 km

Scharfenstein Castle (B)

Towering high above the town of Scharfenstein, the castle permits views into the valley into which the Zschopau River has dug deeply on its way through the Ore Mountains. The castle itself accommodates one of the most important collections of Ore Mountains folklore art. Especially the Christmas accessories, such as “pyramids”, nutcrackers and carved figures of miners can be admired at the exhibition. But wooden toys have the eyes, not only of the little ones, sparkle.

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Further to Station C – Wildeck Castle: approx. 7 km

Wildeck Castle (C)

A few kilometers up river, Wildeck Castle guards the ford across the Zschopau River. Its more than 800-year-old walls accommodate the museum on the history of motor-bike manufacture in the Town of Zschopau. Illustrating media show Zschopau in the 20th century as an important center of motor-vehicle manufacture. The castle that was converted into a hunting lodge in the 16th century also houses a mint and a fascinating mineral collection.

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Further to Station D – Augustusburg Castle: approx. 15 km

Augustusburg Castle (D)

For more than 400 years, the »crown of the Ore Mountains« has rested high above the Zschopau River. The castle museum exhibits weaponry, historical furniture and courtly apparel illustrating life at the electoral hunting lodge. The museum for game hunting and ornithology reminds us of this earlier use and explains about 120 animal species. The castle premises are also a true Mecca for motorbikers. Europe’s most important motorbike collection and the world’s most extensive DKW and MZ exhibition is accommodated there.

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Further to Station E – Kriebstein Castle: approx. 42 km

Kriebstein Castle (E)

Kriebstein Castle is deemed as a dream of a knight’s castle. Time seems to have stopped here in the Middle Ages. The illusionist murals in the treasure vault date from the 15th century, the scenes in the chapel depicting Mary are from 1410. The Kriebstein Room is especially impressive. The planked walls of the chamber in the residential tower are richly adorned with painted tendrils. Its highlight shows the figurative scene of annunciation from the Gospel of Luke.

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