For Small Adventurers and Explorers
A family outing into Schloesserland

Go exploring as a knight or as a princess? Anything goes in Schloesserland Sachsen. Anything is possible. Come and explore the most beautiful palaces, castles and gardens, get enchanted by them and, together with your parents, travel through forgotten times.

Koenigstein Fortress (A)

750-year-old Koenigstein Fortress towers high above the Elbe River. Join Max, Marie and Fortress Commander-in-chief Alfred von Oer on a discovery tour and learn about the soldiers’ lives, the fortress prison, the deepest well in Saxony and the castle’s defense installations.

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Further to Station B – Stolpen Castle, about 28 km

Stolpen Castle (B)

Stolpen Castle won fame for its most well-known captive: Countess Cosel. High above the Lusatian mountains, you can discover old wagons, cannons, arms, knights’ armor and even the deepest well worldwide. If you are brave, you can climb up the four castle towers or pay a visit to castle ghost Basaltus in the castle’s cellar vaults.

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Further to station C – Mildenstein Castle, about 112 kilometres

Mildenstein Castle (C)

Together with the small squatting tower »Frieder Berg«, you can explore the almost 1000-year-old history of Mildenstein Castle. Knights’ halls, medieval kitchens, old storage cellars, vaulted treasuries, giant roof structures, torture chambers and the castle keep wait to be visited.

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Further to Frohburg Castle, about 37 km

Frohburg Castle (D)

In the more than 100-year-old toy collection, you can discover the odd hidden treasure from your grandparents’ children rooms. And in a historical school class, you will be shown what school was like around 1900. Try your hand at practicing archery or fishing giant fish, while your parents may conquer the Classicist castle estate.

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Further to Scharfenstein Castle, about 70 km

Scharfenstein Castle (E)

»Join in hands-on activities« is the slogan at the family and experience castle of Scharfenstein, which soon is 800 years old. Be it lace-making, painting or model-making – at the Christmas and toy exhibition or the display room for bobbin lace-making or other trades, you can newly discover old handicrafts. Are you brave enough to climb up the 75 steps of the castle keep or down the 36-m-deep cistern?

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Further to station E – Schlettau Castle, about 25 km

Schlettau Castle (F)

Knight Fritz and Damsel Grete guide young explorers on a pictorial tour of discovery. Beforehand, print out the coloring book of the castle. In the knights’ hall, you will meet the Ghost of Schlettau Castle, who will tell you its thrilling story. In the prison, the monk’s cell or the tower room, life-size puppets tell anecdotes on what life was like at the castle. Finally, you can explore the park and discover domestic animal and tree species.

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