There’s nothing like the original!
Our restorers preserve valuable treasures and make sure our museum exhibits remain true to the original.

White gloves are some of the work clothes worn by restorer Gabriele Hilsky. She inspects the furnishings and wall decorations at Moritzburg Castle and the Little Pheasant Castle several times a year. She has to keep a close eye on the sunlight, dew point, climate and pest infestations. 

Job Profile – Restorer: Puzzling on the PC
Gabriele Hilsky works on her computer to arrange every single part – even tiny remnants – on walls like puzzle pieces. She’d like to return as many individual items as possible to their original place in electors’ rooms and the hunting art gallery. All restorers dream of getting their hands on the original. 

Combining art, crafts and science
Gabriele Hilsky started working as a specialist restorer and curator of paintings in Moritzburg in 1982. Leather tapestries were then added to the baroque castle, made of animal hide, silver and paints. She’s now assisted by six freelancers, who are helping her restore the leather tapestries at Moritzburg Castle. Professional restorers require a university degree and vocational training in handicrafts. The scientific examination of museum objects is of increasing importance. 

Contact partner for old treasures
Museum restorers are typically tasked with the writing of pest reports. They also liaise with the lenders of exhibits and share their knowledge with colleagues from other institutions in the newly founded museological association.

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