Nonchalance and floral magic
Management skills required: The event and castle managers at SGB gGmbH work hand in hand to ensure the satisfaction of our guests.

400,000 people visit Pillnitz Castle every year, including many locals. Sybille Graefe is a qualified educator who works with all stakeholders, from builders to bank directors, to promote the castle’s public image. She’s responsible for the overall ensemble, her team and the satisfaction of our visitors. 

Pillnitz Castle – always something new to be discovered
In order to keep Pillnitz Castle in the public eye, Sybille Graefe and her team organized the first ever themed year in 2016 to mark the 150th birthday of Gustav Hermann Krumbiegel, the gardening apprentice from Pillnitz who would later become a gardener to the Indian royal court. The gardens and museum areas were linked to create an ensemble with an Indian flair. The event was attended by lots of enthusiastic guests. The next theme is set to follow in a few years. 

Job Profile – Event and Property Manager: Active preservation of monuments
Our event and property manager, Andrea Richter, is the person behind some of the year’s highlights: The Garden Weekend, Elbhangfest, Games Weekend and Museum Night attract large amounts of visitors to the castle park. She’s also responsible for the utilization of the orangery, open spaces and Elbe Pavilion. Her job is all about balancing the wishes of organizers with the protection of monuments, setting boundaries in a friendly manner, fostering understanding, showing alternatives, and making things happen.

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