Historical Gardens
SBG gGmbH employs park and garden specialists to ensure the masterful cultivation of our green treasures.

Garden Manager Frithjof Pitzschel, gardener Steffen Pabst, and horticultural specialist Florian Poetzsch know every last square meter of hedge in the 18-hectare Grosssedlitz Baroque Garden. “Grosssedlitz is one of the most authentic baroque gardens”, says Steffen Pabst. Over the past 25 years, SBG gGmbH has worked hard to restore the basic structure of 1732. 

Bitter orange specialist
Steffen Pabst first visited the park when he was an apprentice. He’s been on the team of seven full-time gardeners and three seasonal workers since 1990. He’s also an orange expert. The baroque garden has one of the largest orangeries in Germany with 150 citrus trees. Pabst began growing little trees from tangerine seeds when he was just a little boy. It was in Grosssedlitz where he learned his gardening tricks by watching his predecessor re-pot, graft and prune bitter oranges, lemons and grapefruits.

Imparting knowledge of the baroque garden
He’s now passing on his knowledge to trainees. Poetzsch will be working alongside specialist gardeners and offering advice during the upcoming citrus information days. His training not only requires him to know 400 German plant names and their botanical names; he’ll also be tested on the history of the baroque garden. After all, he should be able to provide visitors with expert information. 

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