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In the event that a princess should beget a child out of wedlock then the European higher nobility of former times had no scruples. The illegitimate offspring of the Duchess Henriette Charlotte von Saxony-Merseburg is said to have been given to a nanny after birth and removed from the court.

The child, however, passed away soon after - it is assumed today that poison may have been involved. This put an end to the Saxony-Merseburg sideline that could have rivaled for succession to the Saxon Electoral throne. In stark contrast to such nasty intrigues is the bright and cheerful Baroque character of Delitzsch Castle.

The pastel color of Delitzsch Castle, the once-popular residence of traveling Saxon princes in the middle of the Delitzsch Lake District, attracts artistically minded visitors with its museum and Baroque garden and watchtower. Inside the castle visitors can marvel at the prestigious interior which despite the temporary use of the castle as a women’s penitentiary has still retained a great deal of its original appeal.










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