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 Visit the Schloesserland Sachsen and experience the Saxon history at its best: in palaces, castles and gardens.

»The Fate Of A Misstress« Stolpen Castle

2016 will be the 300th anniversary of a tragic event in Countess Cosel’s life – her imprisonment at Stolpen Castle. Already today, visitors can immerse into the world of power and machinations shown in the newly designed permanent exhibition »Imprisoned for Life. The Countess Cosel Myth«

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Tips for Trips

Stroll in the most beautiful gardens in Saxony, you can be intoxicated by the scents, experience unexpected perspectives and unimagined insights. Relax in spacious gardens or stroll in the glow of the sun - as a companion of the splashing fountain . Take a piece of the Schlösserland home: a »Beetziegel« from Bad Muskau, camellias offshoots of Pillnitz, summer flowers or an Azalea from Weesenstein can be purchased locally.