»The Fate Of A Misstress« Stolpen Castle

2016 will be the 300th anniversary of a tragic event in Countess Cosel’s life – her imprisonment at Stolpen Castle
Already today, visitors can immerse into the world of power and machinations shown in the newly designed permanent exhibition »Imprisoned for Life. The Countess Cosel Myth«

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The »Schatzfund« exhibition Moritzburg Castle

The exhibition at Moritzburg Castle receives new objects from the Moritzburg »Schatzfund«. With the ceremonial opening of the enlarged exhibition, 19th, March, the museum presents another piece of history to you.

Moritzburg Castle

»The Maharajah´s Gardener« Pillnitz Castle

»…the story of a Saxon who went forth to serve the Maharajah…«

This fairy-tale title describes the vita of Pillnitz gardener Gustav Hermann Krumbiegel (1865-1956) in brief. In 2016, the special exhibition on show at the New Palace will invite visitors to have a glimpse at the life and work of G. H. Krumbiegel and to embark on a tour to far-off India.

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Events 2016

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