It's Fairytale Time. Action!

Grossedlitz Baroque Garden (A)
»The Peasant's Wise Daughter«

»Come to me, neither clothed nor naked, neither riding nor walking, neither in the road nor off the road, neither by day nor by night, come with a present or with none.« Only if »The Peasant’s Wise Daughter« could solve the king’s tricky riddle would her captured father be released. If she succeeds and how she can win the stubborn king’s heart can be seen in the movie that was shot in 2009, for a large part at the Grosssedlitz Baroque Garden and also shown on ARD, German television, in 2010. As one of Germany’s most remarkable garden ensembles, Grosssedlitz was certainly well worth serving as a backdrop for the king’s court. Especially during the summer months, when exotic plants and orange trees overflow the park with scent and color, visitors can picture the fabulous scene.

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Further to Station B – Moritzburg Castle, ca. 45 km

Moritzburg Castle (B)
»Three Hazelnuts for Cinderella«

»Cheeks blackened with soot, but it’s not the chimney sweep. A fine little cap adorned with feathers, crossbow across the shoulder, but it’s not the huntsman. And thirdly: dressed in a silver-woven gown with train and off she goes to the ball, but it’s not a princess, my dear Esquire.« This is the riddle Cinderella poses to the prince to make him find her. But, alas, he cannot solve it immediately and needs to go on a quest for her. You will learn the complete story of »Three Hazelnuts for Cinderella« at Moritzburg, one of the locations where the feature film was shot in 1973.

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Further to Station C - Kriebstein Castle, ca. 67 km

Kriebstein Castle (C)
»Snow White«

»How I wish that I had a daughter that had skin white as snow, lips red as blood, and hair black as ebony!« Every child knows the tale of »Snow White«, the beautiful princess, who was driven from the castle by her nasty stepmother. She finds refuge with the seven dwarves beyond the seven mountains. And so was it the plot in the 2009 movie shown on German television, ARD, for which Kriebstein Castle provided an impressive king’s court. To that end, Saxony’s most beautiful knight’s castle, a closed, fully preserved and completely reconstructed complex from late-Gothic times served as a picturesque backdrop. Sitting on a rock high above the Zschopau river, the castle has quite something to offer: the castle chapel, for example, completely decorated with late-medieval murals or the Kriebstein Room that can be admired as part of a guided tour – the ‘Bohlenstube’, a uniquely preserved and color-painted, early 15th-century room.

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Further to Station D - Rochlitz Castle, ca. 18 km

Rochlitz Castle (D)
»Snow White«

»Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?« That is the question the vain queen asks her magic mirror in the »Snow White« fairy tale. The interior shots of the royal chamber were taken at Rochlitz. The stepmother incarcerated the devoted huntsman in a dungeon of the medieval castle complex. The fairy tale was televised by German ARD in 2009. The imposing cross vaults in the chapel, the black kitchen with its floor-level hearth and functional chimney hood, two huge towers as well as the dungeons and a torture chamber will certainly have helped to vividly immerse the film crew and also viewers in the medieval world. After having reconstructed the castle for almost twenty years, there will be a new exhibition, »Fat. One-eyed. Revolutionary«, opening in April 2013, that will, in an interactive and thrilling way, tell young and old the story of the »forgotten Wettins«. From November to February, Rochlitz Castle will remain closed to the public.

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Further to Station E - Hartenfels Castle, 74 km

Hartenfels Castle (E)
»Sleeping Beauty«

»But hardly had she touched the spindle, the curse fulfilled, and it pricked her finger.« And it so happened that the young princess fell into a deep sleep for one hundred years, from which only a prince could awaken her. The fairy-tale movie of “The Sleeping Beauty”, completed by the DEFA film studios in 1971, shows how the princess climbs up the well-known “impossible staircase” at Hartenfels Castle to get to the forbidden tower where there was the only spindle that had been left over. The spiral staircase by the great master builder Konrad Krebs supports itself without any load-bearing center pillar.

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»Once upon a time…« – that way or other begins almost every tale of magical creatures, witches or talking animals. This is what children like listening to, love reading and get thrilled by.

Schloesserland Sachsen, too, has maintained its taste for fairies and magic, as filmmakers of the past and present are able to prove. Let’s look forward to embarking on a fabulous joyride! 

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