Waldenburg Castle
Film Palace in the Heart of Saxony

When Waldenburg Castle was rebuilt after a devastating fire, it was seen as the most modern castle in Germany. Although it served as a pulmonary hospital from the end of the World War II until 1998, it never lost its princely ambiance. So, it’s no wonder the film industry has long been captivated by Waldenburg Castle. Some of the most famous productions include »The Grand Budapest Hotel« and »The Peasant’s Clever Daughter«. You can learn more about Waldenburg Castle’s history as a film location at »Film Palace Waldenburg«, an exhibition with props, set pictures and much more. The lords of the castle will take you on a multimedia tour of their former home, offering a glimpse of their unique » magic book« with various virtual reality features. You can round off your visit with coffee and cake in the unique surroundings of the »Sweet Sophie« café.


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Waldenburg Castle

Peniger Straße 10 | 08396 Waldenburg

037608 2757-0

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Schloss Waldenburg

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