Scharfenstein Castle
The Family Castle

When the silver dried up in the Ore Mountains, the locals had to look for other sources of income – making wooden toys and Christmas decorations was no longer a hobby for long winter evenings. Scharfenstein Castle brings the local arts and crafts to life with charming little incense figures, candle-arches, Christmas pyramids and much more. The Christmas and Toy Museum, housed behind the castle walls, is a unique treasure trove of folk art from the Ore Mountains.

There are lots of opportunities for children to play around and try out new things at the family castle, which offers a range of interactive exhibitions, horror highlights with spooky ghosts and a medieval village in the castle garden. If you’re hungry for knowledge, you can get your money’s worth with exhibitions on Karl Stuelper, the Robin Hood of the Ore Mountains, the history of the castle and Scharfenstein Advent Magic »Anno 1900«.

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Free admission to the permanent exhibition
Reduced rates apply to enter special exhibition

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Scharfenstein Castle

Schlossberg 1 | D-09430 Drebach, OT Scharfenstein

+49 (0) 37291 3800

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Castle Scharfenstein

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10:00 bis 18:00
10:00 bis 18:00
10:00 bis 18:00
10:00 bis 18:00
10:00 bis 18:00

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