Nimbschen Monastery

Romantic ruins amidst old beech and oak trees bear witness to former Marienthron Monastery at Nimbschen. Today, you may stay overnight on the former monastery grounds in exclusive atmosphere.

The most famous female inhabitant of the monastery was Katharina von Bora. Under the influence of the doctrine of Martin Luther she fled from the monastery with eight more Cistercian nuns in 1523. A little later, she married the famous reformer. 

With much care for detail the former stables and storehouses of the monastery grounds have been converted into a modern hotel complex. The combination of historical ambience and exclusive equipment creates the special atmosphere of both the four-star hotel and the three-star guesthouse.  Enjoy exquisite catering, a multitude of leisure activities and the Mulde River valley with its many castles. 


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Stay overnight at our serene and authentic monastery site.

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Nimbschen Monastery Hotel

Nimbschener Landstraße 1 | 04668 Grimma

+49 (0) 3437 9950

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