Colditz Castle and European Youth Hostel

The fortress above the Zwickauer Mulde River is almost 1,000 years old and, thus, counts among the oldest castles of Saxony. Today, the European Youth Hostel Colditz Castle attracts international life to the old walls. 

In 1404, the castle passed into the Wettins' hands, who established an official seat here. About one hundred years later, a fire destroyed both the town and the castle, in the aftermath of which the castle faced many renovations and conversions. 

At the end of the 18th century, the Dresden court didn't take the castle to be up-to-date anymore, thus making way for public use. Workhouse, lunatic asylum, prison camp now were the terms associated with the once noble building. 

During World War II, Colditz Castle became noted all over the world being used as an internment camp for high-ranking officers of the Western allies. Afterwards, it was used as a hospital.  

But gloomy times are history now: the European Youth Hostel made serenity and hospitality return to Colditz.


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Stay overnight at our youth hostel in immediate vicinity to the castle!

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European Youth Hostel Colditz Castle


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