Augustusburg Castle
Crown of the Ore Mountains

Augustusburg Castle was built as a hunting and leisure lodge in the 16th century at the behest of Elector Augustus of Saxony. The »Crown of the Ore Mountains« is one of the most beautiful Renaissance castles in Central Europe. The castle museum houses several exhibitions on the history of the castle and its hunting tradition, as well as old carriages and the fauna of the Ore Mountains. The castle dungeons are enough to send shudders down many visitors’ spines as they go on a virtual journey through time with the »DiscoveryPad«. The observation tower is the ideal location to enjoy a sweeping view of the monumental castle and idyllic landscape.The castle also houses the most important motorcycle museum in Europe. The exclusive exhibits at Augustusburg Castle attract bikers to the Ore Mountains – numerous motorcycle enthusiasts come together every year at the »Winter Meeting«.

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Free admission to the permanent exhibition
Der Cranach-Altar in der Schlosskirche ist nur mit einer kostenpflichtigen Führung zu besichtigen.
Reduced rates apply to enter special exhibition

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Augustusburg Castle

Schloss 1 | D-09573 Augustusburg

+49 (0) 37291 3800

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Augustusburg Castle

now open 10:00 - 18:00

10:00 bis 18:00
10:00 bis 18:00
10:00 bis 18:00
10:00 bis 18:00
10:00 bis 18:00
10:00 bis 18:00
10:00 bis 18:00
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8,00 EUR
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6,00 EUR

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