Special Exhibition: Artwork Alps

01.06.2020 to 01.11.2020
10:00 - 17:00
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dauerausstellung Special Exhibitions

Special Exhibition "Artwork Alps"

Photographs of Bernhard Edmaier

Rugged peaks, gigantic rock folds, melting glaciers and the bizarre forms of weathered rock - the Alps are a work of art. Geologist and photographer Bernhard Edmaier has captured them in masterpieces of photographic art. Breathtaking photographs invite you on a fascinating journey into the history of the Alps. They tell of the folding up into mountains through collision of Africa and Europe, of different types of rock, of the ice ages as well as of weathering and erosion. Not only important deposits were formed, but also minerals such as clear rock crystals and pale pink fluorites. Magnificent exhibits complete the picture journey.

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Freudenstein Castle

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