For Small Adventurers and Explorers

Which child wouldn’t like to go exploring as a knight or as a princess? In Schloesserland Sachsen anything is possible.
Come and explore our castles and palaces – whether you want to discover, play, just try out, make something with your hands or dress up – there is something for every child.

Give your child a treat and bring them to Schloesserland Sachsen!

Koenigstein Fortress (A)

750 years old and standing in the middle of Saxon Switzerland, Koenigstein Fortress rises 247 metres above the Elbe. You can reach the fortress plateau comfortably by means of the lift, with its panoramic view, or by foot. Once at the top you have a wonderful view across the Saxon Switzerland National Park. Koenigstein Fortress is not only interesting architecturally and historically, but also young visitors can discover interesting and fascinating facts about the fortress compound. With an an audioguide, Max, Marie and Alfred von Oer – the commandant of the fortress – take the young visitor on a voyage of discovery. On another exciting tour of the fortress, children can hear impressive stories about the everyday life of a soldier, the fortress prison, the deepest well in Saxony or various defensive structures.

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Further to Station B – Stolpen Castle, about 28 km

Stolpen Castle (B)

Visible from far and wide, Stolpen Castle rises on a basalt rock massif over the Lusatian mountains. This late medieval castle compound, known because of its most famous prisoner Countess Cosel, holds many attractions for families. Apart from old wagons, canons, weapons and knights’ armour, the visitor can also discover the deepest basalt well in the world. Climbing to the top of the four towers can be fun and worthwhile, because from there the visitor has a fantastic view across the countryside. Brave children can, after they have been up the towers, go down into the winding corridors of the cellars to visit the castle ghost Basaltus and also wonder at the vaulted cellar, torture chamber and dungeon – a unique prison where kings kept their mistresses, the only one of its kind in Germany. It is worth visiting the restaurant in the castle courtyard, to recoup your strength (open from Easter to October).

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Further to station C – Mildenstein Castle, about 112 kilometres

Mildenstein Castle (C)

High above the banks of the Freiberg Mulde river is one of the oldest castle compiounds in Saxony – Mildenstein Castle. Exhibitions, tours, concerts and festivals have made the almost 1,000-year history of the castle accessible. These have made it possible for people to explore the great halls, medieval kitchen, old storage cellars, vaulted safe, giant roof structure, torture chambers and the castle keep. The permanent exhibition, »A Symbol of Power Built in Stone« is also for both big and small explorers. The small squatting tower »Frieder Berg« takes children on a trip through time as they view the exhibition, and at the press of a button tells them exciting stories and secrets about the castle. For children who like to experiment there is a wall puzzle and wooden castle which they can build themselves.

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Further to Frohburg Castle, about 37 km

Frohburg Castle (D)

Apart from the valuable reconstruction of the castle in Classicist style by its former owner, Baron Ernst von Blümner, Frohburg Castle offers of lot of exciting discoveries for younger visitors. These include not only the over 100-year-old toy exhibition that invites them to dream and try. Attending a »historical lesson«, children may get an impression of the Saxon school system around 1900. In addition, they may practice archery and fishing giant fish or just conclude their visit to the castle with a treasure hunt.

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Further to Scharfenstein Castle, about 70 km

Scharfenstein Castle (E)

Scharfenstein Castle in the Ore Mountains, which is almost 800 years old, offers the visitor and families more than just exhibitions about traditional popular culture and wood working; there are also all kinds of other things to discover, play with, admire and try out. »Join in« is the slogan, whether it be lace-making, painting or model-making. In the Christmas and toy exhibition, in the bobbin lacemaking and demonstration room, or in the children’s play corner with a merry-go-round, the little princesses and knights are encouraged to join in. Brave children can climb the 75 steps to the castle keep and enjoy the wonderful view or visit the 36-metre-deep reservoirs. As a reward for their courage, and as a memento of a memorable day, souvenirs such as wooden toys, decorative articles, Saxon specialities or typical Erzgebirge Christmas decorations can be bought from several shops.

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Further to station E – Schlettau Castle, about 25 km

Schlettau Castle (F)

Knight Fritz and Mistress of the Castle Grete guide young explorers on a voyage of discovery through Schlettau Castle. It is possible to print out a colouring book beforehand (pdf download – 1.5 MB), which makes the tour of the castle a rewarding learning experience for children. The ghost of Schlettau Castle haunts the Great Hall and, at the touch of a button, tells his shivering story. Other life-sized puppets, in the prison, monk’s cell or the tower room tell anecdotes from the history of Schlettau Castle. Further places of interest here are the demonstration workshop, the children’s play corner, the wooden knight’s castle and the playground on the palace’s lands. You can explore the extensive palace park with its old trees and animal residents by yourself with a map of the park. There are more animals in the Centre for Forestry and Zoology where youngsters can learn about native trees and animals, and how to make models with natural materials. 

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