Castles for Bikers

Augustusburg Castle (A)

Being located only 16 km from Chemnitz, it is the true biker’s Mecca. Augustusburg Castle does not only stage its traditional “Winter Convention” of the biker community every year in January, it also accommodates the most important motorbike collection in Europe and the world’s most extensive DKW and MZ exhibition.
In January every year, about 1,500 bikers and around 12,000 motorbike enthusiasts come together to talk about motorbikes. The large aftermarket and many product presentations are further highlights during the gettogether. The “Winter Convention” is complete with adequate live music and delicious food.

Those not interested in motorised transportation can admire Landauers and stately stage coaches from the 18th and 19th centuries in the Coach Museum.

Remembering Augustusburg Castle’s earlier use ads a hunting castle, the Museum for Hunting and Ornithology shows the interested visitor about 120 species of animals. You can watch flight displays of eagles and other birds of prey at the eagle and hawk sanctuary.

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Further to Station B – Wildeck Castle, about 12 km

Wildeck Castle (B)

At this castle, too, bikers’ eyes will shine with delight since, in the 20th century, Zschopau used to be a centre of the Saxon automotive industry and it was home of the MZ Works, the largest motorcycle manufacturer worldwide. Many treasures on two wheels turned out by the DKW and MZ Works at the time, can be admired at Wildeck Castle today. The impressive history of motorcycle manufacture and of the motorcycle town of Zschopau is conveyed to the visitor in a multi-media exhibition.

The fortification from the 12th century watched over the ford across the Zschopau River day and night making the town of the same name a safe haven for merchants coming from everywhere trying to sell their goods from all over the world in Europe.

Also the silver mined in the Ore Mountains set out on its way from here to the treasure chambers in Europe. The castle that was converted into a hunting castle in the 16th century, also accommodates a mint as well as a fascinating collection of minerals to be visited by those who may have become tired of motorcycles.

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Albeit by chopper, cruiser or scrambler or on trial – Saxony’s charming and varied landscapes invite to go on a motorbike ride at any season. Roam the Ore Mountains on lonely tracks through forests where you hardly meet anyone or let rolling landscapes fly by.

What is especially rewarding is a trip to the bikers’ winter convention in January at Augustusburg Castle. This is where fans of motorised bicycles meet not only to indulge in technology, but to simply enjoy the flair.