Dresden FortressBeneath The Balcony of Europe

The remnants of the Dresden Fortress, whose entrance lies hidden between the Albertinum and the Art Academy, are witness to the feuds and military campaigns born out of courtly glamor. Strongly-built walls around the old Brick Gate receive the visitor right where, in 1707, Johann Friedrich Boettger first invented European porcelain in his laboratory deep below the »Jungfernbastei« (the Virgin Bastion).

As the fortress by that time had become militarily insignificant, it could not prevent the Prussians pillaging and plundering the Saxon capital during the Seven Years’ War.

When it came to pomp and splendor, the rulers of Saxony obviously had a luckier hand than in commanding their troops or choosing military allies. An entertaining audio guide relating the history of the fortress in an original way will fascinate young and old alike. Above the darkness of the fortress casemates, there is Bruehl’s Terrace, which was built by order of the influential court favorite Heinrich von Bruehl. This Dresden landmark, originally a defensive structure, was turned into a place where people from all over the world could stroll and was named “The Balcony of Europe”. The panoramic view of the Elbe River and the white steamboats is an essential part of any visit to Dresden.









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