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The pipe organ of the chapel of Colditz Castle was built by Friedrich Nikolaus Jahn (Dresden) around 1850. After its extension by Johann Kralapp (Leisnig) in 1885 it consisted of 2 manuals, 14 stops and 792 pipes. The instrument was playable until 1945. During the time Colditz Castle was an Oflag, the organ’s play drowned the noises caused by the construction of an escape tunnel which was being dug right beneath the chapel floor. After World War II the organ fell into decay and was partly looted. Some components, such as the manuals and the wind chests as well as the organ’s console, are restorable. Most of the pipes, however, have to be manufactured. A total of about 180,000 EUR will be needed in order to make the organ be heard again. Support the restoration of the organ! Make a donation and become a patron of one of the pipe organs!

Façade pipe: 500 EUR
Tin pipe: 300 EUR
Wooden pipe: 100 EUR

As a patron you receive a donation receipt and – at your request – a certificate marking the stop and tone of “your” pipe. Your name will be published on the internet and we will invite you to an exclusive concert played on the restored instrument.

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Cornelia E. Hippe-Kasten

+49 34381/43777

5 Pros of your patronage for an organ pipe

  1. I want to do something for Colditz Castle.
  2. I want to help to revive an important partof the history of the castle.
  3. I want the chapel organ to be heard again.
  4. I want to contribute to the protection of historical pipe organs.
  5. I want to strengthen the good relationship between Britain and Germany.

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