»Bomb-proof! A Hideaway for Art – Weesenstein 1945«
Sat 24th Mar 2018 to Sun 7th Oct 2018 00:00 am | Weesenstein Castle


During WWII, Weesenstein served as one of the most important and largest art depots in Saxony. Many state institutions, but also numerous individuals deposited important inventories of their collections at Weesenstein Castle to save them from air raids. A special role was played by "Special Mission Linz", the institution that procured pieces of art for the Fuehrer Museum planned by Adolf Hitler to be built in Linz. Another topical field of the excitingly designed exhibition will certainly be about the lives of the people on site under war conditions.

This exhibition is co-funded by the European Union within the scope of the project “Treasures of Nobility”. 

Event details

Date Sat 24th Mar 2018 to Sun 7th Oct 2018 00:00 am
Suitable for children From the age of 12 up

Arrival & map

Next City:  Dresden  (22 km)

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By car

  • from Dresden

          via A17, exit Pirna and further along the road towards Glashuette (follow the signposts) 


          via B172 towards Pirna/ Saechsische Schweiz (Saxon Switzerland), following the signposts towards                 Altenberg in Heidenau, the road will lead you right to the castle (about 20 km/ 12.5 mi from Dresden)


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Parking facilities for cars and tour buses available. 


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  • city rail S1 from Meissen/Dresden or from Schoena/Pirna to Heidenau and then by Mueglitz River Valley Rail SB72 (Heidenau - Altenberg) to Weesenstein 
  • bus (Mon - Fri): bus line 202 (Heidenau - Glashuette) to Weesenstein (stop Gemeindeamt Weesenstein)
  • for more information, please, go to www.vvo-online.de
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Event location

Weesenstein Castle


Am Schloßberg 1 | 01809 Müglitztal

+49 (0) 35027 626-0

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